Is Phentramin-D better than Adipex?

It is no surprise that Phentramin-D has now replaced most of the over the counter weight loss pills on the market today. The reasons are many but there are some obvious ones that we want to point out:


  • It is very safe
  • No side effects
  • Has weight loss expert’s approval
  • Available without prescription
  • Very effective
  • Increases the energy level enormously
  • Good fat burner among many other reasons


This supplement has been tested exclusively amongst the best weight loss supplements on the market in online reviews such as Phentramin-D Diet Pill Review – GeoLeaders and has proven itself to have the perfect blend of some of the best ingredients that you can get without a prescription that fosters higher energy levels, suppresses the toughest appetite and increases your metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities exponentially in your body.


phentramin-d doctor guranteeSo how does this weight loss supplement stack up against the best prescription diet pills out there? Well, let’s see the difference in between Phentramin-D and the top script-only Adipex:


Weight Loss: Overall, Adipex is not as effective as Phentramin-D. In fact, Phentramin-D may even help you lose up to 60% of more pounds as compared to Adipex because of the simple fact that you can take this supplement long term and you can’t do that with Adipex.


Energy Boost: The truth is, both play an important role in boosting your energy levels. But again, Phentramin-D overshadows Adipex because it is a much more sustained and controlled energy release as opposed to the jolt that some people get from its counterpart.


Appetite suppression: Most of the reviews that we have seen stat that the blend of ingredients in Phentramin-D enhances appetite suppression without the urge to eat more or fill up on unwanted calories. Adipex does in fact stand toe-to-toe in this regard. So it is a tie on this one.


Metabolism: Both Adipex and Phentramin-D also seem to work equally well on boosting the metabolic rate for maximum calorie burn throughout the day. They are both on par with this one.


phentramin-d diet pillFat Burner: The rate of conversion of the stored fats within your belly and lower back areas into usable energy is very high in Phentramin-D. In fact, Phentramin-D is well known to target the fat from the most troublesome areas in your body through ingredients such as Yohimbine HCL. Adipex, on the other hand, is not classified as the best fat burner but stands tall as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.


Long term use: This is where Phentramin-D has the clear advantage since it can be consumed on a long term basis. Now with that said, seeing the side effects of Adipex from users throughout the internet, it is recommended for only short term use.


Side Effects/ Safety: This is another area in which we see lopsided scores. Most people will agree that Phentramin-D is well known for its relatively high safety profile, even when used long term. With almost nil side effects to be concerned about, it is the most preferred choice amongst users who choose an over the counter supplement. Adipex on the other hand is said to have adverse effects on the health and we have seen this in many reviews online.


Prescription: The biggest downside to Adipex is that it is not available over-the-counter like Phentramin-D. Since it requires an explicit prescription from a doctor, be it for online or store purchase, many users have been turned off by this supplement. This is another big advantage for Phentramin and just another reason that this is one of the leading supplements on the market today.


Availability: Phentramin-D is only available to you online so as to keep the cost down without having a middleman to pay out. This is a big relief to may as the price compared to Adipex is second to none. In case of Adipex, don’t forget the cost of the prescription since most insurance companies will not cover this since it can be considered to be taken for cosmetic reasons.




We think that it’s safe to say that you can easily judge the better product when it comes to overall benefit to risk ratio. We want to send a big thanks out to the team of scientists and developers at Lazarus Labs for making the number one successor of Phentermine 37.5. And as you can see from our comparison, it is the best weight control supplement in all ways without a doubt. Since no other supplement has been noted to have features at par with Phentramin-D, now you know your pick!


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